PlayGrand Affiliates

PlayGrand Affiliates is the official casino affiliate program of the royally-themed PlayGrand Casino, a multi-platform gaming site founded in 2013. The brand focuses on delivering high-quality slots and other casino games to players in the UK and around the world, excluding restricted regions. A growing number of the games are compatible with mobile devices. PlayGrand Affiliates is under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission.

Commission details

Members of PlayGrand Affiliates earn lifetime commissions based on a typical revenue sharing structure. The basis for all commissionable earnings is net revenue, which is calculated as gross gaming revenue minus any applicable operating expenses.

New affiliates can enjoy an introductory offer during the first two months of their membership. They will be paid a flat fee percentage and will go over to their standard tiered structure in the third month.

The commission percentage is then determined based on how much revenue the affiliate generates within a month. Higher revenue tiers mean a greater commission percentage.

The other terms at PlayGrand Affiliates are favorable. For the most part, there is no negative carryover, so months where players lose money for the casino don’t impact future earnings. The exception to this is in their “high roller policy,” where player wins of €5,000 or more are carried forward separately (up to the aggregate net loss for the month) and must be recouped by the same player. There is also no bundling to worry about.

Currently, this revenue sharing plan is the only commission scheme offered by PlayGrand Affiliates. No alternative plans like CPA or monthly lump sums are available at this time.


PlayGrand Affiliates offers its partners a 2nd tier sub-affiliation plan. Through this, affiliates can earn even more income by referring others to the program. PlayGrand Affiliates pays all super affiliates a fee equal to a fixed percentage of all sub-af­fil­iat­es’ monthly earnings.

Payment details

PlayGrand Affiliates reliably pays all qualifying partners by the 5th business day of each month. In order to receive a commission payment, an affiliate must accrue at least $100 in earnings. No admin fee is deducted from this commission, so affiliates can easily determine if they will reach the threshold or not. Those who don’t will have their earnings carried forward.

Members of PlayGrand Affiliates can receive their commissions through Swift, Neteller, Skrill, or bank wire transfer. Payments are made in EUR only, so affiliates who do not use this will need to take into account their chosen payment processor’s or bank’s foreign exchange policies.


PlayGrand Affiliates is powered by the NetRefer platform, a leading third-party affiliate software solution. The NetRefer engine enables affiliates to track their player activity through time, look at various reports to help identify successful marketing strategies, and gain access to creative materials from affiliate managers.

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